Organize Your Bed Room – 5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Bed Room

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Elinivana – Just thinking of cleaning a messy Bedroom itself makes you feel tired and exhausted. However, you cannot live in a cluttered room forever; you need to change your attitude to develop some basic good habits. Listed here are five simple ways to organize your room.


1). Remove things which do not belong to Bedroom


The first and foremost is to remove the items which do not belong to be kept in the Bedroom. Normally this will happen due to laziness, one start accumulating things like books, magazines, cloths and start stuffing inside the bedroom. Things like coffee cups, laptops, compact disk, everything starts to get accumulated in the bedroom. Remove things which should not be in the bedroom. Just be ruthless when doing this, just clean things to the extent possible.




2). Remove things not used for 6 Months


One of the main things you need to note when de-cluttering things are if you have not used an item for more than 6 months, it do not deserve to be in your Bedroom. You can either trash it or can be donated or gifted to someone who deserves it. When gifting things to your friends or neighbors ensure that it is in the condition that one can use it.


3). Rearrange things in a more organized way


Now that you have come to a conclusion of the list of things to be kept in your bed room, you need to now keep it organized. Keep standard set of things may be like specific number of dresses, number of pillows, bed covers, etc. Things which need to be kept inside a closet should go into the closet. Everything should be kept in the place where it need to be kept.




4). Think of Storage Solution in the Bedroom


Things may be lying around in the Bedroom. One of the main reasons may be that there is no sufficient space to keep things. If you are running short of space, and your family size has increased ten you need to parallel increase your storage space too. Like you need to keep a laundry basket to put the dirty clothes. If your magazines are lying around everywhere, you need a storage space for that. You can keep large single piece items under your bed.




5). Make it your routine for 5 Minutes


De-cluttering once and again accumulating things for the next 6 months do not make any sense. Never allow the clutter to slowly creep into your bedroom. Every day just before you leave your bedroom make it a habit that you make up your things, put them in the right place, throw things you do not require then and there.


De-cluttering your bed will not only get you more space to live, but will also give you a mental peace, as the clutter would have knowing or unknowingly would have dragged your emotions down, and you may not even have realized it. Organizing your Bedroom can be a great fun and hence get going to organize your Bedroom today.

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